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Beauty Teresa Thian: My Secret Indulgence

Teresa Thian: My Secret Indulgence

Teresa Thian: My Secret Indulgence
By Karmun Ng
October 01, 2016

Secret indulgences help us all get through our day with a little more zeal; Teresa Thian shares with us what hers are and how they inject a little more joy into her days.

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Some days are longer than others, some roles harder. No matter how strenuous, the most successful of individuals make it through with a smile on their faces and the fire of motivation burning strong to take on the day’s challenges.

It always helps to have a little assistance along the way – little secret indulgences that make it just that little bit more enjoyable. It could be something as simple as an extra strong cup of coffee in the morning, or something more exciting like a new pair of stilettos to get your ‘Girl Boss’ mode on.

Teresa Thian, the founder and designer of local fashion label ByThian, knows this all too well, which is why she doesn’t just have an indulgence or two, but a few good ones that she allows herself throughout her day. 

A Good Breakfast 


Her first indulgence comes in the morning. “Nothing kickstarts my day like a good breakfast,” she says. She’s not talking about just any breakfast either, mind you. “I love local food for my first meal of the day, particularly noodles!” she gushes. “The flavours really awaken my appetite and my energy to take on the day after.”

A Good Dose of Wanderlust


As a designer, she draws most of her inspiration from her life experiences, as seen through her collections that reflect the transition of seasons that come with it. “The best experiences I’ve always had are from my travels. They help you gain new perspective and refreshes your creativity so you start over on a new slate with fresh ideas,” she reflects. In between work, it’s not uncommon to catch her on travel sites eyeing her next destination, or reminiscing some good times with a postcard or two from her previous trips.

A Little Something Sweet


Her slim and slender frame may not look it, but Teresa has a massive sweet tooth that she isn’t hesitant to indulge in. “Ice cream is one thing I cannot say no to,” she reveals. “Whether it is during the day or in the evening, after lunch or dinner, sometimes even right before bed!” She believes that to be at the peak of one’s creativity and beauty is to be happy, and if ice cream – or any other little indulgences, for that matter – makes one happy, then it’s only natural to do more of it.

A Little Time with Loved Ones


Between her constant travelling for work, intense schedules for fashion showcases and all around superwoman role as businesswoman and mother, having time to herself to just catch up with her family and friends is an indulgence all by itself, something she tries to slip in whenever she can. “Thankfully with technology these days, my closest and dearest are only a Whatsapp message or Skype call away so it’s not that bad even if I can’t see them in person as often as I like,” she divulges.

A Little Liposome


With her skincare, Teresa allows herself the ultimate indulgence and anti-ageing care – the Decorté Moisture Liposome Pre-Serum Booster and Liposome Treatment Liquid. The secret lies in the pre-serum and lotion's multi-layer liposome technology that preps your skin to drink in moisture for hours on end.

Liposomes are multi-layer micro-capsules composed of phospholipids, the chief element of the cell membrane. Given its extremely minute size (Decorté has found a way to encapsulate liposomes measuring only 0.1-0.2 microns in size so it exhibits excellent affinity with the skin cells), it penetrates deep into the skin to deliver continuous and long-lasting hydration. 

It delves  into the unchartered terrains of the keratin layer and, like an onion, peels off its layers one by one to deliver moisturising agents layer by layer over time instead of hydrating just the surface. On top of that, it also works as a facilitator and anti-ageing care, triggering the skin's absorption of other products, resulting in clear and youthful skin.

Teresa uses it twice a day and leaves it to take care of all her skin woes she can go about what’s most important to her. "It's my secret indulgence because I put on the pre-serum and lotion diligently day and night and wake up to clear, radiant skin; no mess, no fuss!"

It’s doubly indulgent because not only does she wake up to firm, translucent and re-energised skin, she gets to bond with her daughter while going through the regime. “I want her to know that being happy is all that matters,” Teresa says. “Whatever she does, she’ll always have my support and love 100% so long as it makes her happy. True beauty comes from inner happiness, after all!"

 Get in on Teresa's indulgence by popping by Decorté's counter at Parkson Pavilion (+603 - 2110 5966) to receive a complimentary personalised skin consultation and a trial. 


Special thanks: ByThian

Text & Concept: Karmun Ng

Photography: Tian Xing

Creative Direction: Allan Casal

Makeup: Irena Adam using Decorté

Hair: Sherry Wong


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