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Fashion The 5 Nifty Bags Luxury Nomads Can't Live Without

The 5 Nifty Bags Luxury Nomads Can't Live Without

The 5 Nifty Bags Luxury Nomads Can't Live Without
By Jessica Liew
By Jessica Liew
May 23, 2017

Travel like a pro with these classy travelling bags that come in all shapes and sizes, for men and women. 

edit_AWL3546_AW_hi.jpg (original size)It’s no easy feat to live out of a suitcase, more so for those who can’t imagine giving up on little luxuries within arm’s reach. Believe it or not, a companion in the form of a travel bag makes a big difference in easing us on the journey whilst keeping belongings secure.

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From durability to size, up to the material and the way the bag fits the body – nitty gitty details count in choosing the right bag to hit the road, be it for leisure or business. Don’t forget the style factor, because we never know when the occasion calls for it, right?

 From handy to compact, this is our guide to all the bags you need for a sleek and stylish voyage.

Crossbody: Bric’s x Moleskine edit BKN05713-001-AA-PRDD.jpg (original size)

Who doesn’t look forward to a good capsule collection? Moleskine partners with Bric’s to design a range of bags for the digital artist on the move, and this crossbody bag is everything one needs for a fuss- and hands-free bag with just enough space to for the bare essentials. The bag also features a water-repellent treatment and various inner pockets to stay organised. 

  Backpack: Tumi Voyageur Halle edit_AWL3546_AW_hi.jpg (original size)

Created for the chic woman on the go, the new Tumi Vovageur leather collection has been upgraded with a sophisticated textured, pebbled leather for a luxurious feel. The Halle backpack makes for a practical backpack, with good looks in a statement gold hardware, and functionality for the digital nomad with storage for up to 12-inch laptops. Road-to-boardroom can't get more seamless.

 Handbag: Burberry DK88 edit 2017_DK88_BAG_CAMPAIGN_STILL_RGB_CROPPED_01.jpg (original size)

Travelling is synonymous for Instagram-worthy moments these days, and the refined Burberry DK88 bag is a great outfit enhancer with its minimalist style and eye-catching colour. Made from the house’s new Trench leather, the bag features a unique array of colour combinations and simply the timeless accessory to carry on the go. 

 Luggage: Rimowa Bossa Nova edit RIMOWA Lookbook_Bossa_Nova_Beige_lb.jpg (original size)

Known for its sturdy and distinctive luggage, a Rimowa suitcase is engineered to brave the elements with its grade of high-tech polycarbonate and aluminium materials. Light and understated, the elegant signature grooved case shells of the Rimowa Bossa Nova is a multiwheel beauty, with a jet green cowhide finish, decorative stitching, and padded fabric and flex divider interior protection to take on rough terrains. 

Travel pouch: Longchamp Cricket edit 2044G23731_0.jpg (original size)

Believe it or not, the secret to cutting time at airport security checkpoints lies in an efficient travel wallet. Streamline all your important documents, cash, boarding passes and cards in the Longchamp Cricket pouch. Its geometric motifs of striking two-tones exude a sporty vibe to power you through your commute, all necessities tucked safely under your arm.

Photos courtesy of respective brands. Cover photo courtesy of Rimowa

 Take note, trendspotters: these pre-fall 2017 trends are here to keep you stylish between seasons. 


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