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Fashion Throwback: How 25 Guests Dressed For The Ball, Then Vs. Now

Throwback: How 25 Guests Dressed For The Ball, Then Vs. Now

Throwback: How 25 Guests Dressed For The Ball, Then Vs. Now
By Jessica Liew
By Jessica Liew
October 31, 2017
A walk down Tatler Ball memory lane wouldn’t be complete without reliving the glorious red carpet arrivals, and admiring the finery our guests came decked in. As we sifted through our best-dressed archives, the sight of stunning dresses and outfits transported us to the past balls, effectively recalling fond memories, imageries and lively chatter of those festal evenings. We were also inspired by how our beloved friends and socialites have blossomed in their respective fashion evolutions. Here’s an updated comparison of 25 memorable fashion highlights at the Ball, from as early as 2008.

2015: Tengku Datin Paduka Setia Zatashah played up her bronzed skin in a yellow dress, while Dato' Setia Aubry Rahim Mennesson donned a fitted, three-piece suit. 

Tengku Datin Paduka Setia Zatashah and Dato' Setia Aubry Rahim Mennesson

2016: Low key is always a good idea, and Tengku Datin Paduka Setia Zatashah embraced it in a blue dress with flattering folds, while Dato' Setia Aubry Rahim Mennesson pulled off his trademark evening best. 

2013: Datin Sri Mary Lourdes-Chandran paired her sheer lace dress with a slick updo, while Dato' Sri Bernard Chandran kept it simple with a black-tie look. 

2016: The year Dato' Sri Bernard won the honorific Diamond Award at the ball. The pair have grown together in their own stylish ways: Datin Sri Mary dazzling in a sequined dress, while Dato' Bernard, stepping up his game in a red patterned jacket.   

2012: Claire Lee Bloy is known for many things, and oozing impeccable style is one of them, as she's seen here in a monochrome dress.

2016: The bow sums up Claire's presence at our ball, and her fashion sense that keeps giving.

2014: Before tying the knot in 2015, Daryl Foong and Melissa Lam were a picture of young love bliss.

2016: Daryl and Melissa enjoy each other's company, as they look forward to becoming first-time parents to a baby boy.

2014: Both Dr Andrea Lim and Dr Shaun Alexander were in their younger days when their refined poise was unmistakable. 

2016: Both doctors enjoy a night out together, ahead of welcoming the firstborn to their family. 

2008: If there ever was a lady who could pull off a sexy, lacy number without hesitation, it would be Dato' Farah Khan. 

2016: Year after year, Dato' Sri Farah Khan, seen here with our Managing Director Florence Fang and Datuk Raziah Mahmud-Geneid, is a joy to have at the ball, with her fluid style and sense of humour. 

2013: Zaira, Zaida and Zaireen Ibrahim stand out with their unique sense of style, but most prominently, the affection for each other.

2016: The Ibrahim sisters are always a riot to have around, with their supermodel-like beauty and lively presence. 

2014: Jesrina Arshad was always destined for great things, and she took care to dress the part way before she started PurelyB.

2016: Jesrina flashes a winner's smile, after receiving her Entrepreneur of the Year award.

2013: Young love but totally at ease together, Marcus Teo and Juvene Goh are all toothy grins for the camera. 

2016: If we told them back in 2013 they would celebrate marriage with a magazine cover story, that was also iced onto a cake, would they believe us? 

2013: The body language says it all, Ewan Saufi Abas and Mariam Teh were destined for couple goals.  

2016: When the couple is not gushing over each other or caring for their kids, they are most likely hitting the town with a whole lot of feel-good factor to go around.  

2013: Marion Caunter's style has always been a celebration of femininity, be it in figure-flattering gowns and distinctive details.  

2016: Three babies later, and Marion Caunter's trademark smile and statuesque silhouette has never looked more better. 

2008: Datin Mina Cheah-Foong channels a modern Audrey Hepburn look, in a floor-length sequinned black dress and elegant updo. 

2016: We always look to Datin Mina for inspiration on dressing for her age (hint: with the right touch of shimmer), that's apparently rubbed off on her husband Datuk Simon Foong. 

2015: Nadia Nasimuddin (pictured with husband Hamzah Alang Azman) has always shown a penchant for eye-catching details to build her entire look; think high, volumised bun, gold and pearl collared necklace, and Chanel clutch.  

2016: Nadia shows off her baby bump in a model-worthy slinky gold dress, while sister Diana is demure in a statement embellished pink frock. 

2011: For Shireene Hajamaideen, the more elaborate, the better. She completes her vintage black and white outfit with a loose braid and sparkly accessories. 

2016: Over the years, Shireene's red carpet glam gets bolder and brighter, incorporating asymmetrical hemlines -- and even trousers, this year.

2013: You can't do no wrong with a red dress, and Yong Mei Ling's sweetheart neckline and long train brings to mind a Hollywood siren. 

2016: It's a privilege to watch Mei Ling bloom into womanhood, with her eclectic picks of dresses every year. 

2013: Another lady who's fond of exploring a variety of styles, Yap Ai Leen gives pink and lace an upgrade. 

2016: Ai Leen opted for a more ornate, metallic look, conveying a mature approach to her taste. 

2013: Like daughters, like mother -- Ai Leen's eye for dressing is clearly inherited from the stately Datin Barbara Yap, who turns heads in grand gowns like this fishtail one. 

2016: Now that's a real Disney gown on Datin Barbara, with its flared sweeping skirt in the richest rose-red hue. 

2013: Datin Dian Lee has always been one to watch, with her eye for effortless glam that enhances out her riveting presence.  

2016: Still a Tatler Ball fixture, Datin Dian gives the Greek goddess icon a run for its money. 

2012: When Esha Geneid makes a statement, she goes into full character. Case in point: This nude, tulle dress with a 'forbidden fruit' clutch. 

2016: Esha has transitioned from ravishing princess to Hollywood diva, as she delivers a look steeped in diamonds, sequins, and fur. 

2014: Not only does Lee Jim Leng have a keen eye for desirable evening wear, her secret lies in her very hand -- collector's handbags and clutches that's amps up the luxury factor. 

2016: Jim Leng gives her success a run for its money with her styling talent, as seen in this daring vision of sequins, sheer panels and fur at this year's ball. 

2014: Hot on the heels of her mother Datin Barbara and sister Ai Leen, Yap Po Leen brims with discerning and confident style, radiating in this strappy halter number. 

2016: Not one to skirt conventions, Po Leen finishes her floor-length peach ball gown with a layered skirt of cascading frills. 

2013: Never far away from each other, Dato' Robert Geneid and Dato' Raziah Mahmud have an instinctive ability to dress and complement one another. 

2016: Now and then, Dato' Robert and Dato' Raziah step out of their comfort zone, in ensembles polished with embellishment here and there. 

2009: Shirena Hamzah's dress sense is always fuss-free, comfortable, and evocative of her graceful nature -- seen here, a flowing dress accented with sparkling detail, and diamond ornaments. 

2016: Shirena opts for a more elaborate ball gown, featuring a fittingly necessary curtain of cascading folds for a wow-inducing effect. 

2012: Valerie Ong donned a glamorous sweetheart dress, in the reddest of reds, with a daring neckline and slit, to boot.  

2016: Valerie Ong has toned down the sexy over time, seen here ravishing in a demure periwinkle blue, tulle A-line dress. 

2011: Lim Wei-Ling's love for fashion is as infectious as her passion for art -- here, she's channels glamour queen in a slinky, full-body gold dress, and a plunging neckline.  

2016: Fast forward today, Wei-Ling still loves a peek-a-boo effect, with this monochrome halter dress slashed at the neckline and along her leg. 


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