How A Visconti-Le Lumiere Diamond Pen Collection Is Making A Statement This Digital Age

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August 8, 2017 | BY Jessica Liew

Le Lumiere associate director, Joel Santiago, introduces us to a diamond-crowned pen collaboration exclusive to Malaysia, that's making pocket pens trendy again.

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Le Lumiere associate director, Joel Santiago, was instrumental in this fist-ever Visconti-Le Lumiere diamond pens collection

In an era where touch-screens and keyboards have replaced writing instruments, Visconti designer pens has emerged a strong contender, reestablishing the saying ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’.

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 Visconti has carved out an illustrious saga since 1988, creating writing instruments that are works of art, enhanced by history and technology. Its love for culture, innovation and intricacy is synonymous with Florentine luxury – luminaries like Prince Albert II of Monaco, Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey have signed off at official ceremonies with Visconti pens, putting this award-winning instrument at the heart of significant moments.

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Seven Visconti regular editions were chosen for the special collection that's crowned by a Le Lumiere 0.15 carat diamond

Recognising in it kindred values, premium diamond brand Le Lumiere, specialist in hearts and arrows and ideal cut diamonds, embarked on a line of Visconti-Le Lumiere diamond pens, which premiered in Malaysia recently.

To celebrate this first-ever collaboration, Le Lumiere associate director, Joel Santiago, who spearheaded this partnership, spoke to us about this new line that’s crowned by a Le Lumiere 0.15 carat diamond.

How did this co-brand idea come about?
When I first saw the pens three years ago, I was impressed with the artistry incorporated into a very ordinary accessory. I never imagined how a wealth of tatler_tatler_stories could be inscribed onto one pen. I appreciated how they covered the historical aspects and this appealed to my interest in creating a vessel to carry our diamonds. Le Lumiere is a jewellery brand that’s constantly innovating, and I began asking myself how I can incorporate the diamond onto it. 

Enlighten us about Le Lumiere diamonds: What sets it apart from the rest?
Le Lumiere was established in 2003 and combines several key elements in selecting these precious diamonds. Firstly, it specialises in hearts and arrows and ideal proportions, which makes it more beautiful as it reflects more light. A perfect diamond is based on scientific factors: the cuts are facets and its symmetry and proportion has to be exact. We only sell GIA 3 Excellent Grading diamonds (0.30 carat and above), which means cut, polish and symmetry must be perfect, to uphold an optimum degree of brilliance. 

Le Lumiere buys from the open market, what are the measures taken to safeguard its quality?
The brand is actually the first and only authorised diamond dealer in Malaysia bearing the World Diamond Mark, the largest accreditation program in the diamond industry. This means diamonds are mined and sourced in accordance to the codes of conduct. You can be assured that each diamond is natural, not conflicted and not artificially treated.

What do you admire about the ethos of Visconti?
For a brand that’s celebrating its 30th anniversary next year, Visconti has accomplished a lot. They’re not just a company that makes writing instruments; each pen is a work of art, thoughtfully incorporated with scientific and innovative elements, all while paying homage to the diverse richness of nature, architecture, art and artists. Each pen is given a unique theme, which saw it winning awards since 1996, the first one being the Taj Mahal. They’ve also developed pens for royal ceremonies and world summits.

Scroll below to view the Visconti-Le-Lumiere diamond pens

DIVINA.jpg (original size)

The Divina black medium size roller and the Divina black ballpoint 

homo sapien.jpg (original size)

Homo Sapiens steel roller and Home Sapiens bronze roller 

michelangelo.jpg (original size)

Michelangelo 2014 blue roller 

rembrandt.jpg (original size)

Rembrant fountainroller and Rembrandt roller 

Of all the Visconti ranges, how did you identify the pens to go into this diamond pen collection?
We chose to launch seven regular editions in this diamond pen range, from the four models of Homo Sapien, Rembrandt, Divina and Michaelangelo.

Divina is one of my favourites. Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s divine proportion of 1.618, this ball point pen made from black Lucite is inlaid with 925 silver, and a hallmark of Visconti’s timeless appeal. Another special detail about this pen is its rifle-inspired locking mechanism, with a pull-turn filling system unique to Visconti.

The Homo Sapiens is made from basaltic lava from the Etna volcano in Italy. This makes it almost indestructible: besides being flame-proof, it is also hydroscopic, with the ability to absorb moisture and swear.

If you’re a fan of decorative motifs, the Rembrandt model is inspired by the artist known for his chiaroscuro paintings. This pen also features a fuss-free magnetic lock that’s ideal for entry-level use.

Finally, the Michelangelo model will appeal for its finely engraved Renaissance frieze pattern, endowed with a multi-faceted shape of 36 faces, to capture light elegantly.

A culmination of artistry and storytelling, this collaboration is the result of having the best pens you can buy and best diamonds there is.

Where do you see the future of luxury pens, and how do you innovate for the future?
Lots of people are using less writing instruments in the office environment but important documents still need to be physically signed off. Pens of this kind are continually appreciated as fine works of art and as a status symbol. Most Visconti pens are desk pens. You’d be surprised that even the younger generations I know are starting to get piqued by the story behind pens like these.

The Visconti-Le Lumiere diamond pen collection is available exclusively at Le Lumiere world flagship store, The Gardens Mall. 

Photos courtesy of Le Lumiere.

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