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Watches Jewellery Watches and the world of cars

Watches and the world of cars

Richard Mille
By Daween Maan
March 10, 2016

Watchmakers have always created timepieces that look amazing and play a functional role in giving speed demons the only reward they crave.

Having featured a relationship built on mutual respect and benefit, we now explore a relationship sanctioned by science. I remember, as a schoolboy I learned that velocity equals distance over time. As an adult, I learned a lot of velocity gets you across a vast distance in a very short time.

From the moment man invented cars, we’ve had an unhealthy obsession with making them faster. We love big numbers in top speed and small numbers in 0-100 measurements. We love how much faster we can make a trip from KL to Ipoh and the thrill of zooming down a straight on the track. In all of these instances, time is our trophy.

So, it’s easy to understand why the best watchmakers in the world have always partnered with carmakers to create timepieces that not only look amazing but also play a functional role in giving speed demons the only reward they crave.

Richard Mille

Richard Mille recently announced a partnership with British luxury carmaker Aston Martin, promising to produce high-quality and high-performance watches. This is a big promise from the Swiss watchmaker, and we look forward to the result of this collaboration because the last time Aston Martin put its name on a watch, it was revolutionary. (swipe left for next page)


The Jaeger-LeCoultre Amvox2 Transponder was the last in a line of watches that communicated directly with Aston Martin cars. Although it wasn’t your traditional smartwatch, the craftsmanship behind it was pure genius. Owners could lock, unlock and even turn on the headlights of their Aston Martin with a few touches on the watch face –queue the James Bond theme. (swipe left for next page)


Rolex understood that by using the name Daytona, it was inheriting the responsibility of making a watch worthy of the classic American racetrack. In 1963, they produced the Cosmograph Daytona with all the mechanics of a highly accurate chronograph wrapped up in all the glitz of a Rolex. (swipe left for next page)


The Bentley B05 Unitime was released with the tag Breitling for Bentley, a play on words for a watch that wasn’t playing around. Designed to for the life-in-the-fast-lane Bentley-enthusiast traveller, the watch’s crown comes with a dual setting that allows for a quick change of the hour hand to match a change in time. (swipe left for next page)


Parmigiani couldn’t have picked a more intimidating collaborator than Bugatti. Like the Bugatti Veyron, the Swiss watchmakers made sure to make substance lead the style. The Parmigiani Bugatti Super Sport’s face is almost on the side of the wrist, ensuring the driver of the world’s fastest street legal car wouldn’t have to take his hands off the wheel to check the time. (swipe left for next page)


While most of the watches on our list have made a useful car-related function part of their design, we can’t begrudge Hublot for the Big Bang Ferrari that features all the style of the Italian luxury sports car, a perfect complement to the prancing horse.


Watches have always played a big part in our world, even helping in making it safer.


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