Biologique Recherche: Hollywood's Most Trusted Skincare Is Now In KL


August 14, 2017 | BY Kathlyn D'Souza

A brief introduction of the French skincare brand before you head over to Mandarin Oriental KL for a day of pampering.

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Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur is all about quality meets luxury, so it wasn’t a surprise that they would employ nothing but the best kind of skincare at The Spa. Earlier this year, the hotel discreetly opened its doors to French skincare brand Biologique Recherche, and it is exclusive to the 5-star hotel.

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So here’s the thing – when you’ve got stars such as Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sharon Stone and Madonna (and loads more), who swear by it, you know it’s the real thing considering they all defy the laws of ageing.

The brand is all about a holistic vision of scare, skin diagnosis and immediate and long-lasting results which bank on the skin’s regenerative abilities.

The brand’s master trainer, Monique Terol, shares more about the French skincare.

What sets Biologique Recherche apart from other brands out there?
“Biologique Rescherche (BR) is a French skincare line of over 40 years of experience in developing really powerful products and customised treatment. Each treatment is personalised to suit your skin. In other words, Biologique Recherche is the clinical approach to of the boutique treatment, and therefore it is imperative that BR beauticians or therapists across the world are trained to know the perfectly the mechanism of the skin. You don’t act on the skin like a classical beautician; we have to act like a skin doctor and recommend the best product suited to your needs and concern.”

Are there any specific beliefs or philosophies that are practiced by the brand?
“The secret to the brand is that we heal, rebuild, protect and reinforce the natural protection of the skin. We respect the skin. Our aim is to balance the skin, calm the epidermis and repair all the problems.”

What’s the treatment methodology like?
“Three essential assessment stages of a Genosys – visual, touch and behavioural. Before the process is started, we practice the process of having the client fill out a questionnaire, and then the different levels of moisture, lipidic shield, elasticity, pigmentation and skin oil are measured before the treatment (using a special contraption called Instant Skin Lab). That’s when we suggest a regimen of products, fusing cutting-edge products from our labs in Paris and special hand techniques. After that, we will recommend products for your own home-care regimen.”

1.jpgA thorough skin analysis is the first step in any Biologique Recherche treatment. 

What are the key ingredients in this range?
“Three very important sources make up the ingredients in our range – botanical, marine and biological. And we have a high concentration of active ingredients in our products compared to other brands, over 20% more. We have no paraben, no silicone and no perfume to get rid of the risk of an allergic reaction. In cases of sensitive skin, all Biologique Recherche products are dermatogically and ophthalmologically tested. That is why in some instances, our products can go very close to the eyes. We also use cold formulations to preserve the integrity of the product and of the formulas.”

Product-2.jpg (original size)There is a myriad of products and serums specifically catered to any skin type and concern.

Product-1.jpg (original size)There is a myriad of products and serums specifically catered to any skin type and concern.

What can those who go for these treatments expect after their first session?
“You will immediately begin to see results on the muscle direction – perhaps your eyes would look more open, or you would have a better definition of cheekbones. Generally, your visage would look totally radiant and lifted. We have extremely complex and sophisticated integration to the cortex. It is part of the treatment to show you the first half of the face first so clients can see the difference. Lifting is the most obvious result from the first treatment, but again, you need to have repeat treatments to maintain it.”

5.png (original size)Treatments typically begin on half of the face first, so clients can see results more clearly.

What is the compatibility like between the products and places in Asia that are humid and tropical, such as Malaysia?
“We can act on all skin types, even the most sensitive of skins, especially the ones that have gone through dermabrasions, chemical peels and plastic surgery. We analyse the skin and we choose appropriate products for the skin. The goal is to first balance the skin, to moisturise it. We at BR know perfectly well the difference between Western skin and Asian skin, which is why even Asian skin would definitely benefit from our treatments.”

 What about upkeeps or follow-ups required after a treatment session?
“Tabulising the result is very important to us – from the survey to the measurement levels – so that you will be able to follow through with your home care with the products recommended to you after your visit here. It will also be helpful for your future treatment sessions.”

 What is your message to those who are interested in trying this range?
“I have so seen so many incredible and instantaneous results after being with this brand for over 25 years. And I’m amazed each time I see a new client after a treatment because I know that is the best version of their skin. The success of our brand is shown within our presence around the world in over 70 countries now. We have achieved outstanding, lasting results, and our best publicity is how happy clients are with our highly personalised treatments.

The Biologique Recherche Custom Made treatment is priced at RM625 for a 1.5-hour facial session, and the 2-hour Biologique Recherche Second Skin Treatment is priced at RM990.

For more information, visit Mandarin Oriental KL.