What’s An Embarrassing CNY Fashion Faux Pas? These 3 Power Dressers Tell All


February 13, 2018 | BY Jessica Liew

One would think it’s not difficult to commit a fashion faux pas during Chinese New Year, as long as you stick to the red rule or the cheongsam dress code. But you’d be surprised at how common it is to (accidentally) commit a fashion offence now and then during the season – yes, even when adhering to the dress etiquette. Three prominent fashionistas relay some style disasters they observed or fell victim to during the New Year celebrations; of relatable, embarrassing and downright hilarious circumstances.

Photo: All Is Amazing/ Malaysia Tatler

Accidental shoe swap

As told to Yap Po Leen

My mum went to her friend's open house and as local custom dictates, we are required to take off our shoes before entering the house. When one of my mum’s friends left, she accidentally wore the hostess’s shoes – coincidentally the same-size, same-colour YSL Tributes. The next morning, my mum got a call from the hostess who asked rather shyly whether my mum wore her shoes home by mistake. My mum told her that they are both not the same shoe size to begin with, upon which the lady had to figure out the likely persons who were her shoe size and might have got mixed up with her shoes. A few calls later, she managed to locate the person successfully! 

Lesson learned: We strongly encourage you to wear a pair of outrageous shoes, or one that takes a lot of work to get into!

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What’s An Embarrassing CNY Fashion Faux Pas? These 3 Power Dressers Tell All
Photo: Courtesy of Dior Homme

The wardrobe recycler

As witnessed by Sarah Lian

“I have an aunt who’s a proud owner of a lovely cheongsam reserved specifically for Chinese New Year and will wear it without fail. It’s been the same as far back as I remember and as comforting as it is to see, it’s getting a little tight in her old age. We’re trying to convince her to change it up!

 It’s ok to spend a little and it's good tradition to wear something new with each coming year. PS: You also don’t want to be seen in family photos, dressed in the exact same dress every year!” 

Lesson learned: Make it a point to invest in fresh CNY ensembles. After all, new clothes equal good luck, am I right?

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Photo: Shaffiq Farhan/ Malaysia Tatler

The dreaded tear

As experienced by Ju Nn Phang

There was once during CNY I wore a really tight vest dress and went for dinner. I was so full that the dress became even tighter and it did not help that the button at the vest was loose and it popped open at the waist area! Thankfully I was sitting down when it happened and there was another 2 buttons at the skirt area so the dress did not open up entirely (laughs). I had to hold the waist part of the dress shut while blocking the malfunction with my handbag as I was leaving the dinner and walking to the car. A very memorable moment indeed!

Lesson learned: Wear a dress that leaves some room for the festive spread, and preferably a durable new outfit that’s not prone to wear and tear.   

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