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Digest Tried & Tested: Our Favourite Salted Egg Yolk Dishes In The Klang Valley

Tried & Tested: Our Favourite Salted Egg Yolk Dishes In The Klang Valley

Salted eggs on a banana leaf
Salted eggs on a banana leaf (Photo: iStock)
By Samantha Sowerby
By Samantha Sowerby
May 20, 2020
An ingredient with many names in the Malaysian vocabulary (telur masin, ham dan, etc), salted egg yolk brings a bit of savouriness to sweet dishes and vice versa

1/5 Salted Egg Butter Chicken @ Jibril

Salted egg butter chicken (Photo: Malayfoodilicious)
Salted egg butter chicken (Photo: Malayfoodilicious)

With the interior of a speakeasy bar, Jibril is the place I frequent whenever I'm craving salted egg butter chicken. Coated with salted egg and buttermilk goodness, this chicken dish has a blend of crunch, spice and sweetness that I can't find anywhere else. Drench the rice and chicken with the accompanying sauce. You'll keep coming back for more. 

Syameen Salehaldin

Jibril | 25, Jalan SS 15/4B, Subang Jaya, Selangor | 017-4884 300 |

2/5 Bamboo Charcoal Salted Egg Yolk Bun @ Red Chinese Cuisine, Pullman KLCC

Picture a black charcoal bun with a brushstroke of edible gold paint on top. Pick it up and feel how soft the bun is. Picture its warm, oozy filling. My favourite way to eat the salted egg bao is to break it in two, to allow the salted egg custard to cool a little, before popping it in my mouth. The soft bun coupled with the sweet and salty custard is the perfect ending to a dim sum meal.

— Nicole Andres

Red Chinese Cuisine | Pullman KLCC, Jalan Conlay, Kuala Lumpur | 03-2170 8888 |

3/5 The Ultraman Burger @ myBurgerLab

The Ultraman Burger (Photo: myBurgerLab)
The Ultraman Burger (Photo: myBurgerLab)

Like the Japanese superhero for which it was named, the Ultraman Burger abolishes all that is wrong in the world—it's hard to think negative thoughts with a mouth full of fried chicken and salted egg yolk buttermilk sauce laced with cili padi. I'd been enjoying this burger for years without seeing the real connection between the cartoon character and salted egg, that is, until after listening to the Take A Bao podcast—some liken the flavourful orange orbs to the superhero's bug-like eyes.

Samantha Lim

MyBurgerLab | Various locations | 010-369 5275 |

TATLER TIP: Curious about the history of salted duck eggs? Listen to podcaster Yi Jun Loh take a crack at explaining its rich history here.

4/5 Salted Duck Egg With Porridge @ Home

Salted egg porridge (Photo:
Salted egg porridge (Photo:

While there are many modern iterations of this age-old ingredient, I remember a simple dish my mother used to make on rainy days when the mood called for heartier, warmer dishes. She’d either make plain congee, or if she wanted to make it fancy, she’d add toppings like century egg, minced meat as well as spring onions, both served with a side of salted egg.

Koyyi Chin

5/5 Salted Egg Bihun @ 83 Restaurant Sri Petaling

Not your normal stir-fried bihun, this version is topped with aromatic salted egg, which makes the whole dish extra flavourful. Deep-fried curry leaves add crunch and texture.

— Cheryll Lim

83 Restaurant Sri Petaling | 33, Jalan 1/149J, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur | 03-9058 0844


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