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Homes Urban gardening part 1: Indoor gardens for the city apartment

Urban gardening part 1: Indoor gardens for the city apartment

Scallop Print Table and Wall Vase DIY Kit from Urban Crafter
By Tan Xi Voon
March 24, 2014

In part one of our 3-part series on urban gardening, we look at miniature gardens for the modern city apartment. 

To start off our three part urban gardening series, we put our focus on setting up a green space within an apartment.  For the owners of contemporary city apartments, spaces are often limited but that should not stop you from bringing a little of Mother Nature into your humble abode.

The trick is to go minuscule. Vases and pots should be small enough to not handicap your movement within the available space. Also on the market are terraria of an exciting variety to create a self-sustaining miniature ecosystem that you can display at any nooks under the roof.

Although certain species of plants, such as cacti and button ferns, can hold out indoors, it is highly advisable to still provide them with sufficient amount of sunlight (pull back the curtains and blinds), air (open the windows) and water (mist the plants).

Here are eight unique ways to have a little bit of nature in your home.

Stay tuned to the second part of the urban gardening series where we move on to bigger living arrangements with balcony spaces and how to utilise them.

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