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Close Up The Most Talked-About Celebrity Siblings To Know From Malaysia

The Most Talked-About Celebrity Siblings To Know From Malaysia

The Most Talked-About Celebrity Siblings To Know From Malaysia
By Tania Jayatilaka
By Tania Jayatilaka
January 30, 2020
From social media-savvy blue bloods to athletes, models and second-generation corporate leaders, these prominent Malaysian sibling pairs have captured hearts (and Instagram followers) all across the nation

1/7 Neelofa and Ameera Khan

Photos: Rico Rinaldi/Facebook
Photos: Rico Rinaldi/Facebook

Both Neelofa and younger sister Ameera Khan need little introduction. While the sisters have grown up long used to the limelight, Neelofa is currently in the thick of fame and success as a fashion icon, entrepreneur and social media influencer with a massive following in Asia and beyond. 

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Ameera herself commands a substantial number social media followers, unsurprisingly sparking buzz among her many fans when she temporarily deactivated her Instagram account in 2019. (Lucky us: she has since made her return to Instagram in 2020)

The two have regularly been photographed for cover features, fashion campaigns and other exciting projects. Commenting on Ameera's hiatus from Instagram, Neelofa outrightly declared her support for her sister's desire for privacy, another hint at how close the siblings are despite their hectic lifestyles.  

2/7 Deborah and Rachel Henry

Former beauty queen and Fugee School founder Deborah Henry is known far and wide for her charitable causes, which she juggles admirably with her work as a highly sought-after emcee and model. She's also a doting bigger sister to Rachel Henry and 2 other siblings.    

Deborah Henry: Healthy Living Is A Lifestyle For Me

With a career in entertainment behind her, the globe-trotting Rachel is an avid supporter of her older sister's work at Fugee School, and posts often about its various initiatives on Instagram.

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3/7 Gavin and Galven Green

Photo: Khairul Imran / Malaysia Tatler
Photo: Khairul Imran / Malaysia Tatler

Of Portuguese, Irish and Chinese descent, professional Malaysian golfer Gavin Green and his brother Galven share a close bond, despite the occasional (and harmless) sibling rivalry out on the fairway every once in a while. Through it all, Galven still looks up to his older brother for his solid work ethic and humility.        

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Despite their noteworthy achievements and burgeoning sports careers, the young golfers both possess a quirky sense of humour and are often known to laugh at themselves with tongue-in-cheek posts on Instagram.      

4/7 Rachel and Michelle Yeoh

Photo: Aaron Lee/ Malaysia Tatler
Photo: Aaron Lee/ Malaysia Tatler

In March 2017, twin sisters Rachel and Michelle Yeoh graced Malaysia Tatler's cover. Despite their youth, the ambitious daughters of Dato' Sri Michael Yeoh and Datin Sri Tina Yeoh had already made a name for themselves, and not just in London where they are currently based.

They have served on the British Fashion Council, attended a slew of high fashion events all around the world and a number of exclusive debutante balls.     

Rachel & Michelle Yeoh: These Twins Are The Future Of High Fashion

Following the success of the Hollywood hit, Crazy Rich Asians, the twins received yet another round of widespread media attention, teasing viewers with a peek into their exclusive world of luxury and privilege, and touted to be real-life Crazy Rich Asians in their own right.   

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5/7 Mirzan, Marissa and Mirsham Meer

(L-R) Mirzan, Marissa and Mirsham Meer
(L-R) Mirzan, Marissa and Mirsham Meer

It's no surprise that the impeccably brought up children of Habib Jewels managing director Dato' Sri Meer Sadik Habib and Datin Sri Zarida Noordin are close to their parents in more ways than one. Family bonding and funny moments aside, all 3 siblings have cast their lot in the family business in various roles.

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While Marissa Meer is undoubtedly the more prominent one on Instagram compared to her low-key brothers, all 3 charming heirs to the Habib empire won't let anything stand in the way of their strong family values and inspiring work ethic.      

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6/7 Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tunku Idris Iskandar

(Third from left) Tunku Idris Iskandar Sultan Ibrahim and Tunku Abdul Rahman Sultan Ibrahim. (Photo: Tourism Johor/Twitter)
(Third from left) Tunku Idris Iskandar Sultan Ibrahim and Tunku Abdul Rahman Sultan Ibrahim. (Photo: Tourism Johor/Twitter)

The charismatic young royals of Johor's famous nobility never fail to command our attention. Tunku Abdul Rahman Sultan Ibrahim, in particular, is a die-hard Johor Motorsports Racing driver (also known to his teammates as 'Prince Jefri Ibrahim') with 460k Instagram followers and counting.

His brother, Tunku Idris Iskandar Sultan Ibrahim also receives his fair share of admirers on social media — need we really explain why?

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Switching between sleek tuxedos and regal investiture attire to sweatshirts and slacks the next minute, there's no denying that their Royal Highnesses have charm, charisma and good looks on their side. 

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7/7 Thanuja and Anuja Ananthan

Thanuja Ananthan has many hats – fashionista, model, beauty queen, TV personality and twin sister to Anuja Ananthan.

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Despite the differences in their appearance and interests today, both have long captivated the hearts of many on Instagram (ever heard of the #AnanthanTwins hashtag?) with their doe-eyed beauty and heart-melting smiles.      

Thanuja, Izara Aishah and Anuja Ananthan. (Photo: @thanujaananthan/Instagram)
Thanuja, Izara Aishah and Anuja Ananthan. (Photo: @thanujaananthan/Instagram)

Thanuja often emcees for (or is invited to) the most fashionable events around town, sometimes striking up a pose for the mandatory 'sister selfie' when Anuja takes a break from mum duty and makes an appearance for the day.

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