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Beauty Entrepreneur Zaida Ibrahim On Curating A Fashionable Life With Lancôme

Entrepreneur Zaida Ibrahim On Curating A Fashionable Life With Lancôme

Entrepreneur Zaida Ibrahim On Curating A Fashionable Life With Lancôme
By Lily Ong
By Lily Ong
October 05, 2017
Businesswoman, mother and style influencer—the founder of CuratedCo shares how these roles define her as a woman
Absolute Radiance: Zaida Ibrahim
Absolute Radiance: Zaida Ibrahim

As an entrepreneur, Zaida Ibrahim is used to hustling her way to success. The founder and creative director of Curated Co is also a branding and marketing consultant. She wields influence in her social media platform, where she inspires her 34,000 followers with snapshots of her life as a businesswoman, wife and mother.

We caught up with Zaida and learnt how she curates a better lifestyle for herself as a businesswoman, a wife, mother and a woman.

You have encountered many ups and downs in your entrepreneurial journey. What did you learn from the experience?

“Starting out on my own has taught me so much: how to negotiate in business, how to manage people in different lines of work and how to make more strategic decisions. Over roughing things out, I also learnt what works for me and what didn’t so I could learn to focus on my strengths and harness it to the fullest potential.”

In what direction are you taking CuratedCo?

“What started out as a passion project has become now true calling. Working on CuratedCo has helped me focus on developing my skills. Plus, I have always loved fashion and it was a way for me to explore what I could do with my acquired marketing and branding skills.

 “Today, not only do I source for clothes for Curated Co, I have also started working with small, independent brands to curate their products on my platform, like The Bag Atelier and Recyclothes.” 

How are you loving the role of motherhood?

“At every stage, I find there’s a new set of challenges to handle as a parent. My son Adam is understanding things better now so he asks a lot of questions. I have to be careful what I say. So that’s my current challenge, answering his questions in a way that would engage him, no matter how tired or stumped I am by his questions.”

What has motherhood taught you?

“To be more empathetic. I try to put myself in Adam’s shoes when we talk so we can negotiate 'better'. So that has helped me in how I deal with others as well in business so we can find a win-win solution.”

How do you find time for self-care?

“Once a week, I will carve time in my schedule to do something by my own, be it having lunch at a place I like or just catch up with my sisters or close girlfriends. I feel guilty sometimes but it is important for me to centre myself so I can take better care of my family."

How does Lancôme fit into your busy life?

“I really love the Lancôme Absolue Precious Cells range. I use the day and night cream as well as the serum and eye cream. I really do see the difference after using the products. I don’t get much breakouts so I know my skin is well-moisturised and maintained. I don’t even need to re-apply the day or night creams more than once after I wash my face because my skin feels so moisturised after I apply the products.

What is beauty to you?

“Confidence. I think loving yourself is important. Being a mother and a wife is important to me but I also think you need time for yourself. I feel guilty about this, of course, but I know it’s important. Sometimes, you have to accept you need to take care of yourself so you can care for others”

 Photography: Kim Mun | Styling: Andrea Kee | Hair and Makeup: Zamri Zainol

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